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Nik’s Cosmetic Faves

Scroll through and read my key notes about the products
These links will take you directly to the listings at Macy’s

Recent Post @NikolasBelauskas & @HexedByNikolas

  • beautiful packaging commissioned by an artist

  • new formula eyeshadows 

  • 40% more pigmented

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Quick Men’s Grooming

**Be sure to choose the right shades described above**

Sneak peak of future post 

use MAC Face & Body foundation for defining the body. As a MUA you’re responsible for all skin 😉

choose a contour several shades darker than your skin tone shade

MAC Complexion at

MAC Face & Body

  • Woke up improved skin

  • Sheer to medium undetectable coverage

  • Waterproof 

  • I usually wear C3 or C4

  • Have Multiple shades for my kit

Skincare and Primers at Macy’s 

MAC Hyper Real Balm

  • MAC Pro-4 Infusion Matrix

  • Priming for makeup

  • Emolient and all skin types can benefit

Shopping Links above, I am an affiliate and/or associate and I get a commission when used. Thank you - Nikolas

Purchasing, Shippings, and returns are handled with Amazon and their policies

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