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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to my Website

This website hosts my:

  • Professional Makeup & Hair Artistry, and Licensed Cosmetologist Portfolio

    • All images belong to me and were either created by me or given permission to use freely from collaboration with companies and clients.​

    • Images may be used to promote my work to potential clients as long as I’m referenced or “tagged” on social media and other websites or print.

    • images may not be used (unless granted permission from me) for free or paid advertising to endorse a product, company, or person I did not agree to.

    • Images may not be used in other artists portfolios as their own.

  • Affiliate Shop Links

    • clickable links with imbedded code when clicked sends user to an e-commerce shop. If you choose to purchase the item through my link, I get a commission from the shop.​

    • All purchasing, shipping, and returns are handled through the respective shops In the links.

    • does not handle monetary transactions at this time.

  • Advertising

    • Several pages may contain placed advertisement from 3rd party company

    • When viewed or clicked I get a commission from the advertiser.

    •  View Privacy Policy 

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